C & B Lumber: Top-Notch Log Home Materials Manufacturer

C & B Lumber

About Our Company

In 1988, C & B Lumber was established as a small sawmill. Today, we are one of the best family-owned-and-operated lumber companies in the area. Our operations have grown, and we have helped a lot of customers in various places including Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas.

What makes us different from larger operations is that we provide hand-cut lumber that are customized for our customers. For a company that started small, we are amazed that we are at a point where we can now offer lumber in different lengths and widths.

High-Grade Log Home Products

We want to share our high-quality lumber with you and help you build the log home of your dreams. That is why we offer a wide variety of lumber cuts in addition to various log home products, such as:

  • Chinking Products
  • Rustic Railings
  • Customized Lumber
  • Log Home Siding

You may also turn to us for hued or smooth wood as well as various ends, including dovetail, saddle notch, and false corners. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of log home supplies and accessories that help keep your wood protected, including screws, chinking, foam, and wrap. With our special delivery rates, you can have your lumber as quickly as you need.

Get in Touch With Us

Get started on building your new log home today! Call us to learn more about our different lumber packages. Our friendly team is always ready to provide rustic railings and anything else you need for your perfect house.